What did we learn this week?



Today in class we discussed something that everyone has .... STRESS.  We talked about priorities and if we place God first the rest fall into place, but the key is to give our life to Him.  We also discussed that as Christians we don't always lead a normal lifestyle we are suppose to set ourselves apart.

Let It Go


 We started the class by singing karaoke and having 3 people as judges.  Congratulations to Luke Huster for winning and everyone for their awesome singing.  The last song I picked, the final song was "Let It Go".  

We then talked about "hurts", things that bother you.  Something that you have done wrong, or an issue with your parents or friends.  Some "hurt" that you carry around with you and it weighs on you. 

Each person in class was given a piece of toilet paper and asked to write down their "hurt", making sure not to place their name on it or show anyone.  They were then asked to wade the paper up and follow me to the bathroom.  We then discussed that if we give all of our hurts to God, and he knows they are serious and really hurt, he will lift the weight.  We then as a symbol one by one threw our waded up hurt in the toilet and flushed them away.  Bottom Line: Let go of the past and look forward to what God is doing in your life right now.

Self Image


This week we took on a topic that is always a tough one to discuss, self image. We first began by playing 20 questions to pick the entertainer on the card provided to each team. The goal of this game was to show the clues they would provide so their team could guess the correct answer.
We then discussed what clues people would give to describe them. I asked the class to first give me one word positive description of themselves. I had a few volunteers here and there. I then asked for one word negative description word and this time asked them to write it on a full length mirror. As the mirror became covered, I asked a simple question. Do you believe this is how God sees you? As I stood in front of the mirror I erased a word and replaced it with what God would say. Examples we have, beloved, bought at a price, or in his image.
Bottom Line: We truly see ourselves when we see ourselves through God’s eyes.



We started the lesson by playing a game, I chose 4 volunteers that were confident in their Bible knowledge. We moved them to another room as we set up for the game, the rest of the class was told to second guess their answers once they came in. As the students were brought back in one by one they were asked a question in front of the class and soon began to doubt their answers. The point of the game was for them to then describe how that doubt felt.

As we continued with the class we talked about how doubt is normal when it comes to faith. Mom's and Dad's, teachers, and Pastors all have doubt from time to time, its normal. I described two times in my life that I had major doubt and fielded questions from the group about it. One big item we took away was that from doubt comes questions, with questions comes learning, and from learning a much stronger faith. I then asked the class to write down one doubt or question they have and we would work thru them in the next few classes, one rule I had was not to share and not to put their name on the cards. The questions were awesome and very well thought out. This will be fun to learn and strengthen our faith in the upcoming weeks.



Lego's who doesn't like building with Lego.  In our class today we split into to groups and had to build a Lego snowmobile.  Oh yeah, the Lego's needed were frozen in a block of ice!  They had 20 min first 3 could use a tool to pick at the ice, but could not leave the room or smash the ice block.  This activity was to show patience is something that we all need.  Much like when we ask God for something and we don't get it the next day, he does tend to send pieces that will fit to make what we need over time.

Christian Fellowship


Christian Fellowship


At times we get busy in our weekly items and don't slow down to enjoy our friends and families.  We took time this week to play some games and just talk as Christians not about one subject but whatever may be on our minds.  An important part to any class is the relationships we build thru the year, so I do this on occasions to slow down and build those one on one relationships.

At times we get busy in our weekly items and don't slow down to enjoy our friends and families.  We took time this week to play some games and just talk as Christians not about one subject but whatever may be on our minds.  An important part to any class is the relationships we build thru the year, so I do this on occasions to slow down and build those one on one relationships.

My Dad is kinda like Jesus?


I first began by asking the class what today is?  Many said Sunday, and one said Veterans Day.  I said you know my Dad is kinda like Jesus, at this point the class became quiet.  Now he may look like Santa, my Dad has a bushy white beard and well lets say when he laughs his stomach is like a bowl full of jelly.  He also is a Veteran.  I asked the class if they know a veteran all raised their hands.  Still quiet they were curious how is my Santa looking Dad like Jesus?  I told them my Dad was drafted into Vietnam.  He did not want to go but knew that he had to for his family and country.  In the same way Jesus asked in Matthew 27:46 “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”  Jesus knew he had to do this for all of us and to save us.  The main point was that Veterans fight for America and our freedom, Jesus fought for the world.  I asked that when they see a Veteran shake their hand and tell them Thank You, just as we should thank our Lord each day.

Turkey Day


We began class by playing a game of hang man.  As we went around the room selecting letters the phrase began to come into light "Turkey Day".  I asked them what this day means to them:

  • Food

  • Football

  • Nap

  • Food (oh yeah said that)

  • Thankful

When I was growing up we never used the word "Thanksgiving" we always said Turkey Day.  ​My mother always said why be thankful just on one day, you should be thankful everyday.  We then discussed what we have to be thankful for and why we should always be thankful to God as without him it would not be possible.  As busy as we get take a moment before a meal or at night and say a pray thank him for what he provides to us.



Today in class we focused on bullying.  What exactly is bullying, it is defined as a consistent form of abuse, be it physical, mental, or social.  Yes in today's world we must add in social media, as it is a new way to bully.  When asked over half the class said they felt bullied in one way or another.  We discussed what should be done when being bullied and who they can talk to.  Then I raised the question, was Jesus bullied.  Everyone in the class said yes he was.  I told them I disagreed and they tried to convince me he was.  Might I add these 5th thru 8th graders had some very valid points, but one thing stuck out.  Jesus was doing God's Will he knew he would have to go thru these situations and ultimately die on the cross for our sins.  That is why he said "..forgive them for they know not what they do".  We as children of God, are not expected to be like Jesus.  That said those that bully us we still should forgive.

43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you .... Matthew 5:43:44

Peer Pressure


In class today we discussed "Standing Firm" in our faith.  We began by having a little shoving match in class.  One student would stand on one foot as the other student gave them a slight nudge.  We quickly noticed it was impossible to keep our balance and to stand firm.  Then we tried the same experiment only this time with both feet on the ground.  This time we noticed it was really easy to keep our balance.  We then discussed if we had ever been peer pressured to do something that maybe we shouldn't have, you know we have that voice in the back of your head telling you, "That's not a good idea" but we still do it.  The question to ask ourselves is does this follow my faith and if not then we should Stand Firm and not follow the lead of others.

What is Lent??


Today in class we discussed Lent, yes we have all heard of it and we know that we have Lenten services on Wednesday but what is it?  One of the main things during Lent is giving up, yes that's right giving something up.  Some will give up sweets, others will give up watching sports, and still others may give up coffee.  The reason behind this is to take away part of our daily life and replace with just that much more "God Time".  We do this in order to bring us closer to God.



Field Trip Day!!  Well sort of, we took at trip to the Early Education Building.  We talked today about the ultimate sacrifice that our Lord made for us.  At first 2 brave individuals volunteered not know what they were in store for.  These individuals were asked to stand against a tree and to hold there arms out and not to put them down.  We then began to discuss the crucifixion and what Jesus went thru, the details of how the this was done and the pain that must have been so great.  This was a discussion that each person had input on, it was an awesome topic that brought additional questions.  For example, why pick this way to die for our sins? There were other ways to be punished.  

Take Away:  Jesus took this painful road for me a poor sinner so that I can have life eternal and that is something not to take for granite, but instead to share each day with those we come in contact with.



Today ​in class we learned how salvation thru Jesus Christ is a free gift God offers, all we need to do is receive it.  To demonstrate this I use money and talk about how I had to work for this money all week.  I then asked the students what they would do with this money if they had it and we read Ephesians 2:8-10, and I asked the group what does it mean to get a FREE gift.  After some answers, I asked so if I wanted to give the money I showed earlier in class away it is a free gift to anyone who wants it, they could just come up and take it without working for it, except receive it.  I continued pushing this point until someone got up to receive the money.  I then asked the person if they had to do anything for the money, I offered it to everyone but they actively got up and received the money.  As we talked about Jesus's death on the cross we have eternal life and it is offered to each of us, we just have to receive it.

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